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The 2016 QMAC Challenge: A Letter from the Champions

After 130 days of competition between 75 teams from coast to coast, one pair has come out on top. Kella Chan and Trixie Hernandez from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia were victorious in the 2016 QMAC Challenge, thereby earning paid summer internships at Nestlé Canada! We sat down with [...]

Ads About Jane: The Rise and Fall of Femvertising

With AdWeek's recent release of “The Year in Creative”  advertising aficionados are given this zen moment to reflect on the big trends of 2015 before we enter the New Year. The first trend listed, “Powerful Women”, references spots like P&G's Always - #LikeaGirl Unstoppable - a key example of femvertising, which is defined as advertising [...]

Marketing to Millennials: We all suck at it

  Dear generic apparel/retail company, I get it. You want to be ‘with it’. Mom jeans were back in style before you realized they even went out of style. Young whippersnappers posting their outfits online and all these random…number signs. Are rainbow coloured hoodies not a thing anymore? You make clothes, good clothes. You’ve been [...]

Bieber’s Purposeful Comeback

How incremental releases and buzz marketing helped revive Justin Bieber   Earlier this fall, City and Colour released their 5th studio album, “If I Should Go Before You.” More than just a shameless plug for my favourite artist, the promotional strategy caught my attention. Rather than releasing one single in anticipation of the record (as [...]

Predictive Analytics: Forecasting Marketing in a New Age

Welcome to the New Age. Long gone are the Mad Men days of marketing where marketers relied solely on gut-feel and trial-and-error in strategizing and planning. Today, marketing is becoming less of an art and more of a science. One of the biggest game changers attributing to this shift? Big data. It has completely transformed [...]

Hard-Hitting Branding: A Lesson from the NHL

In the world of marketing, your brand is the core of your business. It’s what makes you memorable and it’s how you stand out in a crowded marketplace. It guides the actions of marketers, allowing them to check if things are “on brand”. Since marketers work so hard to curate a brand, it’s not hard [...]

The Politics of Marketing (& the Marketing of Politics)

Marketing is typically looked at from a product or service perspective. Something that is rarely explored, however, is marketing in politics. Much like in the business world, marketing in politics is changing – you can no longer roll out the same campaign year after year. In recent times, candidates have sought to be more relevant [...]

Delegate Applications 101: How to Write a Killer Application

Attending QMAC as a delegate was definitely a highlight of my first year at Queen’s. The conference brings together top marketers from coast-to-coast — which means that the application process is highly competitive. Lucky for you, this guide will show you how to create a great application… without any frustration!   IF NOT NOW, THEN [...]

Marketing: There are 4 P’s for a Reason

When I was in undergrad, I made the decision early on that I would pursue a career in marketing. As a commerce student, I developed a fairly solid understanding of what the term “marketing” meant, but when I shared this decision with the rest of my friends and family, I’d hear some variation of the [...]

Drake’s Digital Dash

Understanding a legacy built on digital culture fluency   A Voice for a Generation that’s Lacking in Patience In my own right, I’m a textbook millennial.  My life would come to a halt without my smartphone, Instagram gives me the validation that I’ve craved since grade-school art class, and the thought of old photos resurfacing [...]